Product Care

Caring for your Shoes
To help prolong the life of your new purchase we would recommend the following;

Shoe Sisters UK uses only the highest quality leather and suede.

Owing to their unique natural texture, slight marks and variations will occur during wear, these are a natural characteristic and should not be taken as a fault.

We do not recommend that these shoes should be worn in very wet conditions. If your shoes do become wet, they should be allowed to dry naturally. Never use artificial heat.

Regular use of a protector spray will help to guard against staining and water penetration, however such products will not make your item waterproof.

For suede shoes, remove all dust and dirt before cleaning. A crepe brush should be used to remove any marks in the suede. As suede is a natural dyed product it cannot be completely colourfast.

Lighter shades of patent leathers may be susceptible to some discolouration. We would recommend that such items are kept separate from darker articles.   

Before cleaning, ensure the items are dry.

Decorated Shoes
Particular care should always be taken when wearing shoes which are decorated with beads and/or crystals. Owing to the nature of these items, general wear can result in the decorations coming loose. This is not considered to be a fault.